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Bonnie Englebardt Lautenberg

A philanthropist, writer and businesswoman, Lautenberg’s lifelong passion for photography was ignited while shooting the signing of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Accord in 1993. Her exhibited work includes a series of performance photos of pop star Lady Gaga. Her latest project, “How They Changed Our Lives,” a compilation of portraits of U.S. Senators from 2005-2009, debuted at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City in October 2012. It can be seen online (howtheychangedourlives.info/explore.html) and appears on the Library of Congress website (loc.gov/index.html)

Biography and Resume

2005 February – The Gallery-Sag, New York
2005 July – The Gallery-Sag Harbor, New York, NY “Earth Works” (solo)
2006 – Howard Greenberg Gallery – New York, NY Group Show “President Obama”
2012 October – “Lady Gaga Performing at Radio City Music Hall” Vered Gallery, East Hampton, NY
2011 September – “MelodyMania” (group show) RH Gallery, NY
2013 – “How they Changed Our Lives: Senator’s as Working People” Mana Contemporary Jersey City, NJ
2014 – Jean Albano Gallery representing Lautenberg at ArtHamptons Fair-Bridgehampton, NY

Museum Collections:
Newark Museum, Newark NJ
The Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture, Washington DC

Exhibition Spaces:
Turkish Embassy, United Nations – Group Show of Photographs taken in Turkey
Umbrella Arts –  Group Show of Photographs taken in Laos and Cambodia
West Wing of the White House – Photographs of President Obama, Washington DC
Ambassador Office – Photographs of President Obama, Madrid, Spain
Ambassador’s Office – Photographs of President Obama, Berlin, Germany
United States Senate Office of Senator Frank R. Lautenberg

Works in Collections:
Lisa Ronson (London, England)
Stuart Smith and Barry J. Cooper (New Orleans, LA)
William Mark (Watermill, NY)
Edward Pantzer (East Hampton, NY)
Morris Mark (East Hampton, NY)
Phil Murphy (NJ)
Alan Solomont (Mass.)
Sandra Krakoff (Boston, Mass.)
Todd Stein (Akron, Ohio)
Brad Krevoy (Beverly Hills, CA)
Jack DeLashmit (East Hampton, NY)
Marshall Cogan (New York, NY)
Andrew Zaro (Watermill, NY)
Clyve Chajet (New York, NY)
Phyllis Fogelson (Watermill, NY)
Ronnie Heyman (Green Farms, CT)
Robert Solon (Edwards, Colorado)
Ronald Berk and Judith Ripka (Berk-New York, NY)
Peter Brown (East Hampton, NY)
Ben Barnes (Washington DC)
Eli Broad (Beverly Hill, CA)
Greg Craig (Washington, DC)
Joanna Gutterman (New York, NY)
Dan Glickman (Washington, D.C.)
Albert Glickman (Washington, D.C.)
Keith Honnold (Chattanooga, Tenn.)
Patrticia Schneider (Short Hills, NJ)
Eugene H. Webb (Tuscaloosa, AL)
Steven Mann (New York, NY)
Nina Rosenwald (New York, NY)
Jan Johnson (New York, NY)
Fredrick Fish (Watermill, NY)
Michael Weisman (New York, NY)
Parks Foundation
Greg Fischbach
Steve Lebovitz (Waltham Mass.)