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Terri Zupanc

Terri Zupanc lives in Chicago and has studios in Chicago and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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1977-78 Art Institute of Chicago
1977 BA, St, Norbert College, DePere, WI
Distinguished Artistic Achievement Award/National Honor Society
2013 Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago, IL
2007 Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, IL
2002 Fassbender Gallery, Chicago, IL
1998 Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, IL
1997 Devan Golden Fine Arts, New York, NY
1996 Feigen, Inc, Chicago, IL
1995 Stiebel Modern, New York NY
Feigen, Inc, Chicago, IL
1992 Rockford Art Museum, Rockford, IL
1991 CCA, Chicago, IL
1990 CCA, Chicago, IL
1988 CCA, Chicago, IL
1983 Contemporary Art Workshop, Chicago, IL
1982 Illinois Art Council Gallery, Chicago, IL
2013 Jean Albano Gallery, “Wild”, Chicago, IL
2008 Carson van Straaten Gallery, Denver, CO
2007 University of Denver, Meyhren Gallery, “Master Prints”, Denver, CO
2004 Links for International Promotion of the Arts, “Summer Summit”, Poetovio, Slovenia
2003 Jean Albano Gallery, “Out of the Blues”, Chicago, IL
2002 Carrie Secrist Gallery, “Plotting”, Chicago, IL, (catalog)
2001 Block Museum, “College Proofs: Riverhouse Editions”, Evanston, IL (catalog)
The Field Museum, “Faces In the Field”, Chicago, IL
Carrie Secrist Gallery, “Amused” Chicago, IL, (catalog)
2000 Zolla Lieberman Gallery, “Vermont Studio Center Fellows”, Chicago, IL
Van Straaten Gallery, “Riverhouse Prints”, Chicago, IL
1999 Fassbender Gallery, “Small Works”, Chicago, IL
Quartet Gallery, “Prints”, New York, NY
Chicago Cultural Center, “Capturing Sunlight: The Art of the Tree Studios, Chicago, IL
Butters Gallery, “Davis Street Inaugural”, Portland, OR
Laura Mesaros Gallery, “Chicago Subjects”, Morgantown, WV
Margin Gallery, “Butter”, Chicago, IL
1998 Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, IL Locus Gallery, St, Louis, MO
1997 Quartet, New York, New York, NY
Van Straaten Gallery, Chicago
Fourth Presbyterian Church, “Spiritual Landscapes”, Chicago, IL
1996 Gallery A, “To Each Her Own”, Chicago, IL
1995 Feigen, Inc,, “New Works”, Chicago, IL
1994 Feigen,Inc, “Changing Views”, Chicago, IL
Stiebel Modern, New York, NY
1993 Landfall Press, “Landscapes: Left to Fight”, Chicago, IL
RAAB Galena, Berlin, Germany
1992 Struve Gallery, Chicago, IL
1991 Holland Art Gallery, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
CCA, “Source Material”: A Glimpse Into The Artists, Studio”, Chicago, IL
Rockford Art Museum, “Landscape and Art”, Rockford, IL
1990 Grace Borgenicht Gallery, “Invitational 1990”, NYC (catalog)
Landfall Press, Chicago, IL
Evanston Art Center, “The Prairie, The Lake and The City”, Evanston, IL
1989 Victor MCNG” Gallery, New York, NY
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Milano Internazionale D’Arte Contemporanea, “Prima Visione: New Experiences by Young Italian and American Artists”, Milan, Italy (catalog)
1988 Grace Borgenicht Gallery, “Landscape Anthology”, New York, NY 1987 OCA, “Inaugural Exhibition”, Chicago, IL
1984 Illinois State Museum, “State of Illinois Landscape Show”, Springfield, IL
1983 Illinois State Museum, Illinois Invitational”, Springfield, IL
1999 Vermont Studio Center Fellowship
1996 Illinois Arts Council Grant
1995 Yaddo Arts Fellowship
1990 Arts Midwest Grant
1987 Illinois Arts Council Grant
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