Joe Tallarico


2000-04 BFA Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD

“Winter Blues” Jean Albano Gallery; January 2014
“AAIEEE!” JohnMichaelKohlerCenter for the Arts; October 2013
“Little Man Pee Pool Party; The Whiz Paddler’s Lament”; Antena Gallery; October 2013
“Wild” Jean Albano Gallery; January 2013
“Afterimage” DepaulUniversityArt Museum; September 2012
“Where my Cones At?” Double Break San Francisco; June 2012
“Eat Before We Eat You” The C.A.K.E show; June 2012
“The Company of Others” Ohnodoom gallery; June 2012
“10 x 10” Spudnik Press and Homeroom Chicago; April 2012
“Get it Together Again” ChicagoCulturalCenter; March 2010
“My Kind of Town” Rotofugi gallery; Chicago; August 2009
“Simple Benefit” The Post Family Gallery; Chicago 2009
“United Nations of Cupco” Damien Minton Gallery; NSW Australia, December 2008
“Vinylmore” Atomic Pop Custom Designer Toy Show; BaltimoreMD. March 2008
“Cephalic Symbols” Judy A. Saslow Gallery; for Ed Paschke Foundation. October 2007
“Impaired Visions” Moda 3 Gallery, Milwaukee Wisconsin 2006; District 13 Gallery, Chicago 2007

Publications & Events:
“The Comic Art and Architecture of Chris Ware”, Curator, Art Institute of Chicago. November
“Lumpen Comics 2” Editor and Curator; Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago; June 2014
“Hairless Who vol. 2” June 2014
“Corpus Corpus: Vol.5” Contributor; October 2013
Mural collaboration with Trubble Club in conjunction with “Modern Cartoonist: Dan Clowes” at the MCA; August 2013
“Hairless Who vol. 1” June 2013
“Lumpen Comics”, Curator; Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago; January 2013
“Rarely Seen: Contemporary Works on Paper”, Co-Curator, Art Institute of Chicago; Department of Prints and Drawings. July 2012
“Modern Inkers”, Curator, Art Institute of Chicago. July 2012
“Wacky Wall Walkers: Comics and Fine Art” Panel at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo 2012
CAKE Anthology; June 2012
“Corpus Corpus: Vol. 4” contributor; TBD 2012
Lumpen Magazine, Comics Editor; vol. 113-125
“Vacuum Horror” Chicago comics anthology; 2012
“Trubble Club” issues 4-8. 2010-14
“Underground Comix 101 Featuring Joe Tallarico, George Hansen, and Edie Fake” Homeroom Lecture Series, 2011
“A Century of Progress: A History of Chicago Comics.”  AIC Museum Studies, Vol. 34 No.2
“Alternative Archives: A History of Underground Comics” Curator. University of  aryland, BaltimoreCounty. February 2004