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Joe Tallarico

Joe Tallarico is a comic enthusiast and historian. Featured in publications like Pitchfork and Trubble Club, Tallarico can most be seen as an illustrator for concert posters to producing a series of dynamic watercolor pieces. Although his style may be considered as influenced by The Hairy Who, Tallarico creates his own psychedelic imagery with vibrant colors that is an exploration of his comic background.

2000-04 BFA Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD

“Winter Blues” Jean Albano Gallery; January 2014
“AAIEEE!” JohnMichaelKohlerCenter for the Arts; October 2013
“Little Man Pee Pool Party; The Whiz Paddler’s Lament”; Antena Gallery; October 2013
“Wild” Jean Albano Gallery; January 2013
“Afterimage” DepaulUniversityArt Museum; September 2012
“Where my Cones At?” Double Break San Francisco; June 2012
“Eat Before We Eat You” The C.A.K.E show; June 2012
“The Company of Others” Ohnodoom gallery; June 2012
“10 x 10” Spudnik Press and Homeroom Chicago; April 2012
“Get it Together Again” ChicagoCulturalCenter; March 2010
“My Kind of Town” Rotofugi gallery; Chicago; August 2009
“Simple Benefit” The Post Family Gallery; Chicago 2009
“United Nations of Cupco” Damien Minton Gallery; NSW Australia, December 2008
“Vinylmore” Atomic Pop Custom Designer Toy Show; BaltimoreMD. March 2008
“Cephalic Symbols” Judy A. Saslow Gallery; for Ed Paschke Foundation. October 2007
“Impaired Visions” Moda 3 Gallery, Milwaukee Wisconsin 2006; District 13 Gallery, Chicago 2007

Publications & Events:
“The Comic Art and Architecture of Chris Ware”, Curator, Art Institute of Chicago. November
“Lumpen Comics 2” Editor and Curator; Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago; June 2014
“Hairless Who vol. 2” June 2014
“Corpus Corpus: Vol.5” Contributor; October 2013
Mural collaboration with Trubble Club in conjunction with “Modern Cartoonist: Dan Clowes” at the MCA; August 2013
“Hairless Who vol. 1” June 2013
“Lumpen Comics”, Curator; Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago; January 2013
“Rarely Seen: Contemporary Works on Paper”, Co-Curator, Art Institute of Chicago; Department of Prints and Drawings. July 2012
“Modern Inkers”, Curator, Art Institute of Chicago. July 2012
“Wacky Wall Walkers: Comics and Fine Art” Panel at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo 2012
CAKE Anthology; June 2012
“Corpus Corpus: Vol. 4” contributor; TBD 2012
Lumpen Magazine, Comics Editor; vol. 113-125
“Vacuum Horror” Chicago comics anthology; 2012
“Trubble Club” issues 4-8. 2010-14
“Underground Comix 101 Featuring Joe Tallarico, George Hansen, and Edie Fake” Homeroom Lecture Series, 2011
“A Century of Progress: A History of Chicago Comics.”  AIC Museum Studies, Vol. 34 No.2
“Alternative Archives: A History of Underground Comics” Curator. University of  aryland, BaltimoreCounty. February 2004